The Commonplace #17

Hello everyone, 

At Social Possibility Lab, we explore and encourage possibilities for greater good.  Here are some of the things we are seeing, thinking, or doing this week:

  • In our latest essaying, we consider the importance of opening to greater imaginings. 

  • We have written here about social labs.  Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCSC) is a European Commission-funded project. They have developed an urban labs model.  CCSC’s urban labs explore innovative solutions to urban challenges by assembling and engaging an array of stakeholders.

  • If planning processes can help address divides, advance equity, and broaden community imaginative capacity, one would think that arts and culture related efforts would be at the forefront.  Not so fast.  The authors of this 2021 paper in the Journal of Urban Affairs reviewed 64 municipal arts and culture plans from across the United States, concluding that most plans reflected a majority white establishment perspective and did not centrally include values such as inclusion, equity, and diversity.  

  • Have you been listening to more music over the last year?  I have, for whatever reason.  Recently, I have been enjoying Arlo Parks’ new album, Collapsed in Sunbeams.  Parks spoke with The New York Times’ David Peisner for a January 2021 article.  She described her music, as, “searching for light. I find it harder to write about joy because it’s simpler. There’s more complexity in sad things. But I’m a defiant optimist.”

Thanks for reading and exploring with us.  Send us a message or join our list.  


Scott, Brad, 

& the Social Possibility Lab team