Resources for an Inclusive and Equitable Economic Recovery

As we continue to feel the full effects from COVID-19 to people, places, and businesses, recovery will be a long journey.   We will continue to share resources and thoughts that may be of interest and value, and here are a few for this week:  Leading a just and...

Taking on the Difficult, Part I

Creating new possibilities requires grappling with messy, imperfect, and difficult realities.   Sometimes events and crises can galvanize this process.   And, of late, the challenges are seemingly myriad and massive:  the needless and tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery...

Resources, Small Business, and Community Organizations

Smaller community development organizations, social entrepreneurs or sustainability-focused entities are used to environments where resources are limited. They are used to bootstrapping and lean operations. They are familiar with uncertainty and soft funding. And YET....

Resources For A Difficult Time

In this time of great need and deep uncertainty in the US and globally, here is a quick primer on where you might seek local help: At a basic level, protecting yourself and helping stop the spread of the virus to others is key.  If you have not yet reviewed, visit the...





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