Resources For A Difficult Time

In this time of great need and deep uncertainty in the US and globally, here is a quick primer on where you might seek local help:


  • 211 is an essential go-to resource for referrals to local services and help whether during crisis or around the year.  They connect callers to a knowledgeable community resource specialist near them. In 2018, they connected they made over 12 million connections to needed resources.  Simply call 211 or visit










  • All of these links and opportunities highlight the need for people to actually be able to access the internet.  The digital divide in the US is real. A 2019 report from Pew Trusts described this divide, as over 21 million people in the United States do not have a connection, including nearly 3 in 10 people in rural communities.  Many utilities, cable companies, and internet service providers are offering free or easy access to individuals – inquire locally and help neighbors and friends connect if safe to do so.