Our Inquiries

Our Inquiries

We are explorers of possibility, guided by a central question:

How do we discover new possibilities for social good and human flourishing?

The Lab seeks to collect a varied and textured mix of stories and insights while moving beyond laudatory stories to capture more complex narratives of the individuals and organizations working for social innovation in communities and regions.  We are also interested in the role of a wide range of people in an organization or community and their everyday lives and practices, and the connection of this “everyday life” to social possibility and imaginative capacity.

Inquiry 1:  How do we better understand social possibility? 

  • What are “social labs” and do those models contribute to greater possibilities?
  • How do agents (individuals, organizations, leaders, social entrepreneurs, and change makers) broaden the scope of social possibility through specific projects and interventions, as well as through everyday life and practices?  
  • What helps or hinders the ability of individuals, organizations, and communities to discover, create, select, and realize new possibilities for social good?

Inquiry 2: How are leaders and social enterprises (whether entrepreneurs, start-ups, and sustainability-focused organizations) helping to address enduring challenges or advance new opportunities?

  • Are there examples related to such areas as economic diversification, public health, clean energy, and sustainable development? 
  • What can we learn from those examples, particularly in economically challenged regions?
  • How does this work relate to social possibility; and what help do they need to be even more effective?  

Inquiry 3:  To what extent might arts, humanities and story-based approaches and practices inform or reveal social possibility? 

  • Do these approaches help enhance organizational, community, and individual flourishing, and if so, how?  
  • How do/can organizations and communities practice narrative-building or narrative-change practices?






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